By creating new hybrid machines, equipped with both subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies, OpenHybrid will be a game changer for faster creation of new opportunities and applications for Additive Manufacturing (AM). This new solution, when implemented, will increase the level of robustness and repeatability of such industrial processes, will optimise and evaluate the increased performance of production lines in terms of productivity and cost-effectiveness and, finally, it will assess the sustainability, functionality and performance of the produced new materials. Beyond new parts production, this new manufacturing method will also allow for a very effective repair technique.

  • Increase the impact and uptake of hybrid AM technology for a wider range of machine tool platforms, process, materials and applications
  • Develop a single manufacturing system capable of producing large, high volume and complex components without the need for materials handling or post-processing
  • Develop an all-in-one hybrid additive and subtractive multi-tool platform using directed energy deposition (DED) additive manufacturing (known as cladding)
  • Integrate a machining process to enable fully finished components to be produced
  • Can fit new part production or very effective repair technique.
  • Laser cladding will be employed, offering:
  • - Excellent control
  • - Very high deposition rates
  • - Material flexibility
  • - Minimal substrate interaction
  • Novel techniques to:
  • - Reduce thermal stress
  • - Provide a robust inert gas environment to ensure material quality

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